Favorites Ice Cream Pack - 6 Pints

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15.00 LBS
$25.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Favorites Ice Cream Picture

We make our ice cream fresh daily at our Celina OH store.  You can even watch us making fresh batches every day through our viewing window.  Our ice cream is a premium blend that is rich in sweet cream and low in air content.  We think it's the yummiest in the world and lots of others agree.  The Favorite's pack includes some of our customers favorite flavors.  

1. Black Cherry with Toasted Almonds is created by making a cherry compote and then distributing the cherry compote and our in house fresh roasted almonds throughout.  

2. Butter Pecan is a delicious real vanilla base with our in house roasted buttered pecans generaously distributed.  It's the best Butter Pecan there is or ever will be.  Period.

3. Dark Chocolate is a dark and decadent chocolate treat that you're sure to love and appreciate the depth of flavor.  

4. Buckeye is a creamy peanut butter and honey base wtih milk chocolate freckled in as we are churning the ice cream.  This is a fantastic treat for children of all ages.

5. Dulce De Leche is a caramel based ice cream with our in house made real Dulce De Leche generously swirled in.

6. Bananas Foster is created when we make a special banana compote using all the same ingredients as bananas foster including a dash of Rum.  

We pack your ice cream in dry ice so it's fresh and delicious when it arrives at your door. 

We ship ice cream on Tuesdays and it will be delivered either Wednesday or Thursday depending on the zone in which you live.  Ice Cream must be shipped on dry ice and should be immediately moved to your freezer when it is delivered.  Dry ice is -109 degrees F and should be handled using thick gloves only.  Please handle carefully.  Ice cream is best served at 6-8 degrees F.