Childs Delight - 6 Pints

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15.00 LBS
$25.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Childs Delight - 6 Pints
Delight your favorite child with six of our favorite children's flavors
1.  Blue Moon
2.  Cookie Monster
3.  Birthday Cake
4.  Peanut Butter Cup
5.  Cookie Dough
6.  Cotton Candy
We ship ice cream on Tuesdays and it will be delivered either Wednesday or Thursday of the same week depending on the zone in which you live.  Ice Cream must be shipped on dry ice and should be immediately moved to your freezer when it is delivered.  Dry ice is -109 degrees F and should be handled using thick gloves only.  Please handle carefully.  Ice cream is best served at 6-8 degrees F.